Virtual Assistance for your Company


What is Virtual Assistant?

It is our business assisting your business to produce professional documents to improve efficiency and productivity.

Why Virtual Assistant?

It’s a highly skilled, efficient service when you need it without the commitment or expense of an employee.

We are highly qualified teachers who hold advanced Microsoft qualifications


No employee costs such as National Insurance contributions, pension, holiday or sick pay.   We simply invoice you.

Only pay for actual hours worked whereas an employee is paid the same salary regardless of workload, holidays etc.

Improved work quality. Save valuable time training your employees on new proesses and procedures

The flexibility of using us as and when you need without the commitment of an employee.

Low overheads as no office space or equipment is required.  We work from our own fully equipped office.

Not being constrained by standard business hours.  Evening and/or weekend assistance is available by arrangement.


High quality document creation: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access.

Experts in Excel, fixing and creating formulae.

 Format your documents to a professional standard.

 Data entry.

Uploading customer/client records.

Online research

Photo sourcing

Collating your business cards into an Excel sheet for uploading to address books.

Project management.

This list is not exhaustive, please contact us with any of your company requirements.

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