Everything you need to know about Presentation courses

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What are PowerPoint Presentations?

Developed by Microsoft Office, PowerPoint is a presentation software that allows the user to display a variety of content, imagery and visual aids to present their ideas, opinions, pitches or values to an audience. PowerPoint is one of the most used software in the entire world by thousands, if not millions of people in all types of educational and working environments. It’s available across PCs, Macs and the internet, making it accessible to virtually everyone.

What can Presentations & PowerPoint do?

Presentation Software courses

PowerPoint consists of three main functions, the 1st is a word processing editor that allows you to type, insert and format text, the 2nd allows you to insert and manipulate charts, graphs and images and the 3rd is a slide show ability where you can choose how you want your content and imagery to be displayed. You have options that allow you to design your own slides and choose from a variety of different themes and styles to make the presentation look more professional and appealing.

As PowerPoint is a Microsoft office software you can integrate other Microsoft documents into your presentation, for example important tables, data and graphs from excel documents. When using PowerPoint, you can do any of the following:

  • Incorporate slide transitions and effects – you can select the timing of each slide and how it transitions onto the next one by choosing from a variety of special effects. This makes the it more interesting as well as helping you to be more structured and organised with the delivery of the presentation.
  • Embed videos, pictures and audio – By adding different types of visual aids your presentation becomes an engaging virtual reality that helps your audience to understand and harness what your message is all about. You can also insert brand logos onto each slide so its more professional.
  • Add text and change the formatting – you can alter the text in various ways to make it stand out more and relate to your audience, brand and tone of voice.

Who are they for and how do they benefit the audience?

Everything you need to know about Presentation software courses

There are lists of reasons why you’d want to use PowerPoint over more traditional presenting material but the main highlight is how they’re able to get your audience engaged with the content. As humans our brains process visuals much quicker than text, about 90% of the total information transmitted to our brains is visual. Our brains can actually process visuals 60,000 times faster than text can according to Idea Rocket.

Due to that fact, they’re used by so many diverse people for all kinds of different reasons and scenarios. Teachers use them all most everyday as they understand the impact it has on their students learning and understanding. Governments deliver them to other officials and the public so we can obtain important information and statistics. Sales reps use them to pitch and sell products and employees use them to showcase new ideas and campaigns. They’re not only used for educational purposes, you can use them for special events, weddings, funerals and for fun.

What do I learn from presentation courses?

Your presentation course will teach you how to:

  • Effectively manipulate and format text
  • Display your content correctly
  • Add themes, slide transitions, effects, audio, visual aids
  • Integrate other documents from Microsoft
  • To save you time and simply your work.

By the end of the course, you will not only learn how to produce and manage an engaging and dynamic presentation, but how to make it bespoke to your brand and audience.

What are the different PowerPoint courses available?

Digital courses available in powerpoint training and presentation software

At Cheshire Digital Skills Academy, we offer 4 different presentation software courses ranging from level 1 to 3 so beginners can learn the basics of PowerPoint and then progress onto further learning, or for those more advanced they can jump straight in to a higher level.

We also offer a PowerPoint for Teachers’ course which gives you the best tools and methods of creating engaging presentations for your students and how best to display and tailor your work to meet their needs.

Each course is designed to give you the fundamental skills and tools to know how to manage the presentation software at your current stage. Our presentation courses are for individuals looking to enhance their career opportunities, employees looking to advance their existing skills and those who are looking to study online. For businesses we provide bespoke IT training courses for your employees where they can learn either from our training centre in Chester or online from your office or their home.