Level 3 Spreadsheet Software


Level 3 Spreadsheet Software course examines the more advanced, powerful features of the Microsoft Excel application giving learners the digital skills to enhance their work, improve productivity and save time.

You will receive an Academy certificate on completion of this course.

By the end of Level 3 Spreadsheet Software you will be able to:

  • Produce professional spreadsheets using powerful features
  • Have an increased knowledge and expertise sort by employers
  • Demonstrate advanced methods to integrate different types of data.

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Tuition Time:

14 hours


This is a roll-on, roll-off course and learners can enrol at any time

Course Location:

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Level 3 Spreadsheet Software course is suitable if you are an experienced user of Excel and would have already attended our Level 2 Spreadsheet Software course or use the features listed on our level 2 course content on a weekly basis.
Course Content

Advanced Functions
• Nested IF statements
• Nesting IF with AND, OR

Date Functions
• Date Functions

Lookup and Information Functions
• Advanced Lookup (True and False)
• Creating Multiple Column Lookups
• Match Function
• Index Function
• OFFSET Function
• Advanced List Management
• Advanced Filter
• Database Functions

• Creating Subtotals
• Outline View

Advanced Pivot Tables
• Inserting Calculated Fields
• Manipulating Fields
• Changing Value Field Settings
• Grouping Data containing Dates and Numbers
• Formatting Pivot Tables
• Showing and Hiding the Grand Totals
• Changing the Scope of the Data Source
• Summarising Values by Sum, Count, Average, Max
and Product
• Show Values as % of Grand Total, Column Total or
Row Total
• Creating Pivot Table Reports and Pivot Chart
General Analysis Tools
• Scenarios
• Custom Views
• Goal Seek
• Solver
• Data Tables, One Input, Two Input

Protecting and Sharing
• Sharing a File
• Track Changes
• Protecting Cells, Worksheets
• Password Protect a File/Read Only

Formulae Auditing
• Formula View
• Tracing Precedents
• Tracing Dependents
• Use Watch Window
• Go to Special

Introduction to Macros
• Displaying the Developer Tab
• Recording a Macro
• Where to Save Macros – Personal, Existing or New

• Absolute and Relative Recording
• Introduction to Form Control Buttons
• Creating Macro Buttons


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