Level 3 Database Software


Level 3 Database Software course helps the delegate to get more from database applications, by using the many advanced tools available to better organise and manage information. By completing this course you will learn advanced digital skills such as performing advanced queries, creating form controls and running macros. ​

You will receive an Academy certificate on completion of this course.

By the end of Level 3 Database Software you will be able to:

  • Produce professional spreadsheets using powerful features
  • Have an increased knowledge and expertise sort by employers
  • Demonstrate more advanced techniques to retrieve information.

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Tuition Time:

14 hours


This is a roll-on, roll-off course and learners can enrol at any time

Course Location:

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Level 3 Database Software course is suitable for existing Microsoft Access users who use the features listed on our level 2 course content on a weekly basis or have either attended our Level 2 Database Software course and are seeking to improve their understanding and knowledge to produce effective, powerful and robust databases.

Course Content

Creating a New Database and Table
• Creating a new database
• Designing a Table
• Using Field Properties
• Entering records in Datasheet View

• Using Wildcards in a Query
• Sum , Count,
• Not and Null Queries
• Group by
• Using Mathematical Operators
• Average Values
• Maximum and Minimum Values
• Calculated Fields in Queries
• Parameter Queries

• Applying a Primary Key
• Applying Relationships
• Creating other Relationships
• Querying Related Tables
• Applying Joins
• Referential Integrity
• Updating and deleting records
• Viewing a Subdatasheet

Field Properties
• Lookup Fields
• Format Field Properties
• Default Values
• Setting a mandatory field
• Validation rules/text
• Input Masks

• Form Wizard, Subform Wizard and Manual
• Linking Forms
• Multiple Table Forms
• Calculated Fields
• Command Button
• List and check boxes

• Grouped Reports: Wizard
• Grouped Reports: Manual
• Calculated Fields
• Calculating Percentages
• Report Headers & Footers
• Printing Reports

Import and Export Data
• Importing and exporting Data
• Linking Data

• Macro Actions
• Create a new Macro
• Create a Macro to a Control
• Create a Macro from a Control
• Multiple Action Macros
• AutoExec Macro


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