Level 2 Spreadsheet Software Online


Level 2 Spreadsheet Software Online course is taken remotely in the comfort of your own home or in the workplace. Candidates will be able to download study materials, access an online study portal where they can share files including accessing screen-share facilities with a dedicated tutor.

This course is designed for users who wish to improve on their existing Spreadsheet Software skills to produce more professional documents. Delegates will gain the digital skills to use more complex features of Excel such as complex formulas.

You will receive an Academy certificate on completion of this course.​

Tuition Time:

Can take up to 12 hours to complete and includes up to 2 hours of online tutor support.


This is a roll-on, roll-off course and learners can enrol at any time.

Course Location:

Distance Learning

​This course can be offered as group training, please click here for a quote.


Level 2 Spreadsheet Software Online course is suitable for those who have either attended our Level 1 Spreadsheet software course or use the features listed on our level 1 course content on a weekly basis.


Course Content


• Inserting, Naming, Moving and Deleting a


• Freeze and Unfreeze Panes

• Hiding Columns, Rows

• Hiding Worksheets and Workbooks

Formatting Text and Conditional Formatting

• Merge and Centre cells

• Changing Height and Width of columns and cells

• Copy Formatting to single and multiple Cells

• Create conditions to cells

• Apply shading and formats to cells by setting up


Cell References


• Relative cells and columns

• Absolute cells and columns

Formulae and Functions

• IF Statements

• Count, Counta and Countif

• Max and Min

• Average

• Sumif

Linking Data

• Create links in worksheets

• Create links in workbooks​

Working with Large Data

• Split Worksheets

• Freeze Panes

• AutoFilter

• Sort

• Custom Sort

Text Functions and Tables (Lists)

• Round Function

• Lookup Functions

• Text to Columns

• Creating Tables

• Formatting Tables


• Create a Template

• Saving Templates

• Modifying Templates

• Using Templates


• Creating and Amending a Chart

• Scaling Axis

• Adding labels to a Chart

• Exploding a Pie Chart

• Dragging out a Pie Sector

• Adding a Text Box to a Chart

Error Values

• Resolving Errors






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