Introduction to the Internet and Email


This course is taken remotely in the comfort of your own home or in the workplace. Candidates will be able to download study materials, access an online study portal where they can share files including accessing screen-share facilities with a dedicated tutor.

This course will teach delegates how to use the basics of Internet and Email including: using a browser and search engine, researching and shopping online, send, edit, reply, forward and delete an email.

You will receive an Academy certificate on completion of this course.​

Tuition Time:

Up to 2 hours of online tutor support


This is a roll-on, roll-off course and learners can enrol at any time

Course Location:

Distance Learning

​This course can be offered as group training, please click here for a quote.


This Introduction to Internet and Email course is suitable if you are new to or know little about computers and you wish to study from remotely from home or the workplace.

Course Content

Getting started with your computer

• Working safely at your computer

• Starting up and logging off

• Mouse and keyboard skills

• Understanding different types of software

Using the Internet

• Using a search engine

• Opening Internet Explorer

• Using a web address

• Using favourites

Using Google images

• Searching for, copying and downloading images

Online Forms

• Completing a form using different types of data

• Submitting a form

• Filling in forms for directions

• Ordering train tickets

Shopping online

• Use the shopping link on Google

• Search products

• Setting filters

Use Google tools

• Calculations

• Conversions

• Translations

Shopping Advice

• Looking at the risks of online fraud

Using Email

• Send a new email

• Spelling and grammar

• Open an email

• Reply to an email

• Forward an email

• Deleting an email

Managing Email Folders

• Viewing and deleting items in the sent folder

• Viewing and deleting items in the deleted folder

• Viewing and deleting items in your inbox


• Being aware of and understand some online

etiquette rules

Copying text

• Copy text online and paste into an email

Security & Viruses

• Using passwords

• What are viruses?

• Avoiding viruses

• Staying safe

Emoticon and Emoji Icons

• What are Emoticon and Emoji icons?

Internet Acronyms

• Using common internet acronyms

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